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Chef Bruce Clyne-Watson cooks Loch Duart salmon on Oldshoremore beach with smoke and fire

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In the second of Loch Duart’s new films about their unrivalled Scottish salmon, Chef Bruce Clyne-Watson @feast_on_fire shares his passion for the Sutherland beaches and waters where he cooked outside with his dad as a boy and where Loch Duart salmon are born and raised.

Following a career in Michelin star restaurants Bruce travelled extensively in South America where he discovered his love of simple Argentine style asado wild cooking incorporating whole animals and native wood.

Cooking with wild foods from natures larder is now one of Bruce’s greatest joys and he believes fire is the ultimate cooking style. When Loch Duart invited him to cook for them Bruce explained why he chooses their slow grown salmon, unchanged by the pressures of time.

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“Loch Duart salmon isn’t just a fish to me, it’s a taste of Scotland.”  Chef Bruce Clyne-Watson

“Loch Duart salmon is synonymous with this landscape,” says Bruce in the film. “It’s robust flesh and its texture really lends itself well to being cooked over the fire without compromising its structure. A salmon this special doesn’t need to be over complicated.”

The lineage of Loch Duart salmon can be traced back to wild fish that have swum in Scottish waters for millennia.*

“The reason I love cooking with Loch Duart salmon is it quite simply, has the most amazing taste. They’re as close to the wild as I’ve ever cooked.”  Chef Bruce Clyne-Watson

Find out more about Bruce’s visit to Oldshoremore beach where he cooks fresh Loch Duart salmon using his smoke and fire method in our latest film.

*In 2013 a study found that Loch Duart Salmon were “indistinguishable from wild,”.*RAFTS – Report on Genetic Tool for distinguishing farmed Vs Wild in Scotland – February 2013.