Loch Duart’s First Change in MD in 16 Years

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Loch Duart has gone outside the salmon farming sector to recruit an outstanding candidate from the food and agricultural industry. The new Managing Director, Alban Denton, has been a Managing Director and Senior Director in the poultry, vegetable and processed food industries in both England and Scotland.


Loch Duart’s First Change in MD in 16 Years

“We’re really looking forward to welcoming Alban into the company”, said Dr Andrew Barbour, Chairman. “Alban has great track record for getting the most out of the people he works with. He is very experienced in the wider food industry in which we are proud to be part. With highly experienced salmon farmers at all levels in all departments, the founding directors still active within the company and a talented incoming Managing Director, Loch Duart is set in its ambitions to continue to innovate in salmon farming.”

“The challenge for any entrepreneurial company is the next generation of leadership. Loch Duart is delighted to bring these plans forward while the founding directors are still at the core of the company.” added Dr Barbour.

Alban’s first day is Monday 27th April and he can’t wait to get started,

“I’m so delighted to be taking on this new challenge” says Alban.

“However, my first six months will involve total immersion in the west coast farming environment. I’ve had a taste of this at the interview stage – during my day at the farm I met as talented a collection of young managers and staff as I’ve come across in my working life. That, along with the values and ethos of Loch Duart, is a fundamental reason for me wanting to take the job and I can’t wait to get back up there.”