Loch Duart Hybrid Feed Barge

Loch Duart invests in more sustainable power at sea

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New low emissions feed storage barge part of commitment to minimise environmental impact Loch Duart, the independent salmon farm based in north west of Scotland, is the first salmon farmer in Scotland to introduce a low carbon emissions hybrid feed storage barge. The feed storage barge, which will service Loch Duart farm site Oldany, is now in operation. The hybrid …

Lewis Bennet, Cleaner Fish Manager, Loch Duart

Blog: Trialling a natural habitat for happier, healthier cleaner fish

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Fish welfare lies at the heart of everything we do at Loch Duart, with our team providing dedicated care at each stage of life for our salmon to ensure they grow to be the fittest and healthiest fish they can be. This commitment to a lifetime of care extends beyond our salmon, to our stock of cleaner fish which swim …

Loch Duart Salmon base at Badcall Bay, photographed by Euan Myles, 2021

Loch Duart Scottish salmon on the menu at COP26

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Salmon asked for by name on menus around the world served at climate change conference Independent Scottish salmon farm Loch Duart is on the menu at the COP26 climate change conference, which runs in Glasgow between the 31st of October to the 12th of November. Loch Duart has maintained its small-scale farming approach to rearing salmon since it was founded …

Loch Duart on ITV Tonight

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Loch Duart appeared on ITV Tonight (September 23rd 2021) to talk about their work with Oritain to fight against food fraud in protecting their unrivalled Scottish salmon. In the programme titled ‘What’s Really in Our Food?’ presenter Helen Skelton said: « Loch Duart based in the Scottish highlands, is highly regarded across the world for its fish. » Adam Gray, Loch Duart’s …

Loch Duart partners with HEART UK, the UK’s only cholesterol charity

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Scottish salmon farm joins charity which aims to prevent early disease and deaths from cholesterol Loch Duart, the independent Scottish salmon farm based in North West Scotland, has just announced a major partnership with HEART UK the UK’s only cholesterol charity. The farm is renowned for its small-scale farming methods and unrivalled tasting salmon, which has industry leading omega-3 levels, due to the high …

Loch Duart Dingwall plant manager Russell Leslie

New era of fish processing at Loch Duart’s Dingwall processing facility

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New management of plant ‘take stock’ one year on from purchase One year on from acquiring the former Thai Union / Edinburgh Salmon Company processing facility in Dingwall, senior management take stock. The 50,000 sq. ft. premises has been completely revitalised, following its launch in 2020, providing better social distancing and has obtained the British Retail Consortium* ‘AA’ Grade certification. …

Fisheries Trust sea lice auditing set to bring even greater transparency for Loch Duart salmon farms

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Scottish salmon farm Loch Duart has just agreed a programme with the West Sutherland Fisheries Trust (WSFT) for the monitoring and auditing of its weekly sea lice count activities and the resulting data. Loch Duart enjoys farming some of the oldest salmon sites in Scotland from their base in Sutherland, North West Scotland. Badcall Bay, home to their head office, …

MSPs praise new Scottish processing facility for Loch Duart salmon in Dingwall

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New Scottish processing facility for Loch Duart salmon Dingwall site ‘closes the circle’ giving, for the first time, total control from egg to plate Loch Duart’s Dingwall fish processing plant is now fully staffed and ready to ‘close the circle’ for the north west based Scottish farming company. With 60 new jobs created at the Dingwall factory, which was acquired …