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Cholesterol charity HEART UK and Loch Duart Salmon’s partnership enters third year


Loch Duart’s strong, healthy salmon has higher levels of omega-3 thanks to low impact farming

Loch Duart Salmon, and the UK’s only cholesterol charity HEART UK, are once again partnering to promote heart health. And with October being National Cholesterol Month it’s the perfect opportunity to highlight that Loch Duart Salmon, with its high levels of omega-3, can have heart and cholesterol benefits, as part of a well-balanced diet.

Look out for another series of nutritious and easy to prepare recipes over the coming months which showcase Loch Duart Salmon’s versatile and delicious cooking qualities.

And don’t forget to visit HEART UK to find out about some of the simple changes to your lifestyle which can keep your cholesterol levels and your heart healthier.

Here are some HEART UK, low-cholesterol, heart-healthy recipes which use Loch Duart’s unrivalled salmon, all reviewed by their qualified Dietetic Advisor:

HEART UK and Loch Duart facts:

  • almost half of UK adults have raised cholesterol, putting them at risk of heart attacks, strokes and vascular dementia
  • raised cholesterol is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and it can affect anyone, even the young and otherwise healthy
  • by making some simple changes to their lifestyle people can help keep their cholesterol levels in check and their heart healthier
  • independent testing showed Loch Duart salmon has higher levels of omega-3 per 100gm – in some cases double the levels of other salmon available in the UK market
  • a healthy, balance diet should include at least two portions of fish per week, including one of oily fish (portion is around 140g)

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