From Metz to Scourie – Classic Car Enthusiasts Visit Loch Duart

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On Saturday 16th June, Loch Duart’s mainland base of operations in Scourie, Sutherland was visited by 12 Europeans. They were a mixture of French and German backgrounds and were all keen classic car enthusiasts that were partaking in the North Coast 500. They had all driven from their hometown of Metz in France which is located next to the German border.

This visit had been organised one year in advance as the party buy their Loch Duart salmon from their local fishmonger back in Metz and decided that they wanted to know more about the provenance of the fish and the methods in which it has been raised.

Over the last few years, visits to Loch Duart’s farm have become increasingly popular due to the increased demand for knowledge on sustainability and product origin from consumers across the globe. Loch Duart are ever open for visits to the farm as they believe that by showing interested parties around and sharing the methods in which they raise their salmon, this helps further educate and improves how the public grasp the fundamentals on sustainable fish farming.

On returning to France the impressed group have since organised a reception with their fishmonger to promote Loch Duart salmon with the aim to share their experiences and the knowledge they have gained with their local community.


See below for some of the vehicles that travelled over 1,000 miles to visit the Loch Duart farm: